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  • Micocurrent Body Treatment Trainin
    Anti aging
  • Booty lift Treatmen withmicocurrent
  • New ! Hydra Facial
  • Hydrafacial Back Treatment
  • Peptide Lift Facial / Infusion
    Viktora DeAnn Peptide Treatment Cell longevity Cell energy Cellular metabolism Adaptation to cellular stress Intercellular communication Post exposure sun damaged skin . Natural ingredients Peptides (small molecular weight) Hyaluronans Microbial balance Nano-technology Probiotics,Whole body healt
  • Bioactive Peptide treatments:
    Bioactive Peptide treatments: Bioactive peptides rejuvenate skin cells by working with and assisting cells. Experience peptide treatment and home care for renewing skin.
  • Ance Facial Treatment
  • Rosacea Soothing Facial With led Li
  • Customize Facial
    Don’t know what treatment you want . Let our esthetician’s analyze your skin and help you find the best treatment for your skin . ( Starts $85.00 Led Light therapy can be added , 100% Organic Jelly Mask can be added Victoria DeAnn Rejuvenate your skin cells with our 100% pharmaceutical Peptide
  • Ultra Sonic Facial
  • Derma Planning  with Facial
  • Micodermabrasion Facial
  • Gentlemen  Facial
  • Seaweed Acne / Rocesca
    Triple exfoliating treatment to remove damage cells .This treatment is based on fruit acid & hyaluronic acid & soothing ingredients which flood your skin with nutrients.
  • Teen Facial
    Deep pore cleaning ,gentle extraction and finishing mask . Educating teens with healthy skin care regimen is our first priority.
  • Hydrafacial Gift Card Sale
    3 Hydrafacial Gift Card Sale
  • WiQo Peel
  • Mico-Needling
  • Ultra Sonic Copper Facelift Treatme
  • Oxygen Ageless Facial
  • Oxygen O2 Lift
  • Anti-Aging Facial
  • Pumpkin Facial
  • Ear Wax
  • Back Wax
  • Bikini Wax
  • Face Wax
  • Women Brazilian Wax
  • Brow And Lip Wax
  • Brow Wax
  • Chest Wax
  • Lip Wax
  • Chin Wax
  • Under arm
  • Lower Arm Wax
  • Lower leg Wax
  • Upper leg Wax
  • Complete leg Wax
  • Brow Tint
  • Eye Lash tint
  • Hyaluronic Face Masque
    For Intense hydration soothing and cooling to the skin for Normal Dry Dehydrated Skin
  • Led Light Therapy
  • Pamper Me Eye Treatment
  • Sudatonic Body Wrap With Facial
  • Suduatonic Body Wrap
  • Sudutonic Arm Wrap
  • Back Facial
  • Brazilian Wax
  • Lash Lift
  • Hydrafacial Back
  • HydraFacial Keravive Scalp and Hair
    HydraFacial Keravive is a unique ,relaxing treatment designed to clean,stimulate,nourish,hydra your scalp for fuller healthy looking hair .
  • HydraFacial Keravive Take Home Kit
    Hydra Facial Keravive Home Kit 30 day Supplies
  • HydraFacial Keravive Treatment
  • Anti-Aging WRX
  • Body Sculpting : Full Inner Thighs
  • Valentine HydraFacial
    HydraFacial Includes Free Derma-planing plus Vampire Jelly Mask February Only 💕 Cannot change for any other services or Cash Back (Saving$90)
  • Cause Medica Melt Facial
  • Dream Body Sculpting
    Dream Body Sculpting treatment, you’re sure to receive incredible results! This procedure is 100% non invasive and pain free . There is absolutely,No downtime so you’re free to return to daily activities as normal. Results are immediate and permanent! Not only will you see same day results.
  • Dream Body Sculpting  : Abdomen 360
  • Dream Body Sculpting Arms
  • Laser lipo
    Laser Lipo Non Surgical fat reduction which smooths cellulite. Shrinks fat cells. This procedure does not contour the body but does reduce overall fat reduction of the area being serviced. Pain Level: none Results: Visible after 6 to 12 sessions Areas: stomach, lo
  • Lashes
  • Non-Surgical Face/ Neck Lift
  • WRX Wrinkle Prescription Facial
  • Body Sculting Training
    One hour body sculpting training
  • Ipl Hair Removal Brazilian
  • IPL Hair Removal Small Area
  • IPL Hair Removal Medium Area
  • Prue Scultp Ice Facial
  • IPL Hair Removal Large Area
  • Mico Current Facial